A Moment of Peace

Wittling down a selection of images, this one stood out the most to myself and Bob. But then it dawned on me the number of ripples in that water, this would be a challenge. However, I'm happy to report it was a very pleasant challenge and in fact, the background came together very quickly.

Drawn on A3 Pink Pig Sketchbook Paper using 2B and 8B Mechanical Graphite Pencils and White Uni-Posca Fineliner. A big thanks to Bob Martin for letting me share this one.
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Sly Stallone

This picture of Sylvester Stallone has been on my to do list a few years and I've always been dubious about starting it because of the difficulties faced with drawing smoke. After the year we've just had I had my Dr Pepper moment and thought what's the worst that can happen.

Happy to report that I'm very pleased with how this has turned out. Its taken around 12 hours to complete, give or take. I used 2b and 9b Mechanical pencils with a white gel pen for the highlights on A4 Pink Pig Sketchbook.

Credit for Original Photo goes to Platon.

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